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Raspberry Pi Time Lapse via node

Fourth try:

Third try: (best one yet with the clouds)

Second try: (not much going on that day)

First try:

based off of

I pushed everything up to my dropbox with via niltoid. Then compiled to video with on my ubuntu machine (apt-get install mencoder). Still need to find a free mac compiler.

my code (so far) here:

Robot: Solar Tracker on wheels – here we go


Ah birthdays… I’ve received a bunch of amazon gift cards for my birthday and I think I’ve finally spent all the money. Besides a seat post bike rack, all I bought was electronics stuff; my first robot chassis as well as a bunch of other random stuff… (inductors for trying to do that Disney Touche singing plant project which radioshack does not carry). I’ll mostly be following niltoid as usual but I’m mounting my old solar tracker on top. My Raspberry pi looks pretty good mounted on there, hopefully it will become some super AI brain. I also, like niltoid, bought a HC-SR04 Ultra-sonic sensor (data sheet) which should be fun to try and use. I’m presently looking at this tutorial and this library. Should be fun.

Now onto motor driver:
Ahmad (niltoid’s) code
also looking at this tutorial.

Update: 5.15.2013

All the parts are hooked up and working. I still need to figure out the power situation as well as re-intergrating the solar charging part but the components are there though the code is rudimentary at the moment, pretty much just a loop to test each component. Now the really fun part begins.

Raspberry Pi obsessed


Just got my Raspberry Pi last week and yeah, I’m super obsessed. I’ve mostly been copying Niltoid (AKA Ahmad)’s setup(s) but I’m also collecting a few other helpful links along the way. So to keep track ( and I’ll keep adding more ), here are some links:

If headless and on the road

For Unix and Bash Shell brush up:

To install Node.js (haven’t done this yet but…):
& I found this one too

Eventually, I’d like to do a version of this with the Pi.