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HTML5 Canvas 2d Blimp Game

I started on building an HMTL5 2d Canvas Game a while back while reading Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript. It has a long way to go but I’m constantly referring to the basic components of the game animation now in other projects, like the splash page for my song Farmships of Dub I did last summer.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to revisit this project and add some enemies and levels! Here’s the git, it’s probably messy.


“Bean-segrity” – tensegrity beanstalk ( trellis )

Holy crap, beans grow fast! So I’ve only had time to build two “tendule” stages but the beans keep growing. It was cool to see how the beans stretch out and grab onto the the dowel.

Directions via Make Mag

Update: (5.2.12) Made two more tendules. A little wobbly because I ran out of stretchy string for the side support loops. Will fix soon.