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Raspberry Pi Time Lapse via node

Fourth try:

Third try: (best one yet with the clouds)

Second try: (not much going on that day)

First try:

based off of

I pushed everything up to my dropbox with via niltoid. Then compiled to video with on my ubuntu machine (apt-get install mencoder). Still need to find a free mac compiler.

my code (so far) here:

HTML5 Canvas 2d Blimp Game

I started on building an HMTL5 2d Canvas Game a while back while reading Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript. It has a long way to go but I’m constantly referring to the basic components of the game animation now in other projects, like the splash page for my song Farmships of Dub I did last summer.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to revisit this project and add some enemies and levels! Here’s the git, it’s probably messy.

HTML5 Canvas Scratch Off

My good friends Hollerado have an awesome new album coming out in the next week or so and to mimic the physical album, I created this little sketch for them. A lot of the how-to came from this post at but I stripped out all references to Jquery (ugg), made it a bit more OOP to my liking and added a few new scratchers. It was a really fun exercise and hopefully I can build more on it later, if the need arises. Here’s the messy git.