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“Bean-segrity” – tensegrity beanstalk ( trellis )

Holy crap, beans grow fast! So I’ve only had time to build two “tendule” stages but the beans keep growing. It was cool to see how the beans stretch out and grab onto the the dowel.

Directions via Make Mag

Update: (5.2.12) Made two more tendules. A little wobbly because I ran out of stretchy string for the side support loops. Will fix soon.

Garden 2011

Last year’s garden when she was first starting out. I really miss chomping on those Borage leaves… ( that Borage went crazy later on in the summer )

More notes (lest I forget):

  • Arugula kept dying. Even the one we bought at the union sq. farmer’s market but that was my fault – watering issue – fried in the sun. But I’m determined to try and grow from seed again this year. In fact, I am going to plan a new strategy for all lettuces and such.
  • Chamomile also didn’t take, saw about four flowers, will try again.
  • Borage was awesome! But I must have plans to make something with it next year. I was overwhelmed how fast it grew and how much it yielded.
  • Tomato was very ambitious for our space. The few fruits it did yield were amazing though.
  • Kale is still growing. (spring 2012)
  • Thyme was also difficult to get going.
  • All around need more herbs for our cooking habits, especially basil, mint, and parsley.