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“Bean-segrity” – tensegrity beanstalk ( trellis )

Holy crap, beans grow fast! So I’ve only had time to build two “tendule” stages but the beans keep growing. It was cool to see how the beans stretch out and grab onto the the dowel.

Directions via Make Mag

Update: (5.2.12) Made two more tendules. A little wobbly because I ran out of stretchy string for the side support loops. Will fix soon.



Breadboarding done. Interior Shell Structure Start.

I am now putting her all together, slowly. There is still some light architecting and constructing to do as I am figuring out the interior design as I go. I cut the power jack off my RBBB board as planned and it fits nicely although the double pointed pentagon structure I built (connected at the points [ like this: >< ], with a toothpick through the middle of the two) to hold up the board is a little higher than I wanted because I didn't take into account the soldering sticking out of the bottom of the board. I've also started building the mount for the 7-segment display which, I’m sure, will present it’s own challenges. But the code is pretty much there! I ripped a bunch off from Ahmad’s ThermoLamp code which saved loads of time. I added a dimmer mode (which I probably should have used while photographing the breadboard) and I probably still have to clean up the code a bit but for now I’ll be concentrating on building the interior, the shade covering, and the power circuit (I have to build my own holders for 2x3v disc batteries – and it would be cool to do some transistor / photocell kind of thing but I’ll probably just have a switch).


Geodesic Shell

This is still in the works. It’s an idea for a night light with a thermistor that changes a tri-color LED based on the temperature ( inspired by baby sleeping temp recommendations ). Funnily enough, my friend Ahmad (see his new blog) had the same idea way before I did. He gave me his code and convinced me to add a 7-segment display which I am working on now. But here’s the geodesic shell that I made from toothpicks and glue. I’ll keep updating as I go.

I got my Math for geodesic domes from, once again, hilaroad and also JMEMantzel. I recently bought Geodesic Math and How to Use It by Hugh Kenner but my dome was already in the works by the time I received it in the mail so I’ll have to use it for future projects.